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Rabbit 101

Rabbits are an excellent source of meat! You can yield at Least 75lbs of rabbit meat per 1 doe if she kindles 5 kits per kindle (which is a low number of kits). Rabbit meat is also the healthiest land meat available as you can see in this chart, the highest in the good stuff, and lowest on the stuff you don't want a ton of : )   Heres a video of how to process rabbits, as you can see, Daniel (Salatin) has it down so well he could still process 3 rabbits blind folded by the time I finish one. But.. Practice makes perfect:) Looking forward to getting faster. Rabbits are something that I intend to keep...

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Happy Hogs - Healthy Bacon!

Hello all! I am so very sorry that I have not kept up with this as often as I had wanted, along with the podcast( a new podcast will be out by the end of the week). The holidays really slowed things down around here, but I am very excited and glad to get back into the swing of things on the farm. Today my husband and I spent 5 hours (… yeah...happy monday) loading the pigs into the trailer.We finally got them in and closed up the gate. Tomorrow morning I make the trek out to Burlington, NC to drop them off at freezer camp. I am very excited about this trip because the Animal Welfare Approved processors we use...

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First Post

This is my first post. I am kind of nervous to begin this blog. I have always wanted to start one, but because of me worrying that I will not stick with it, I never have. I promise, I will try:)  I am a 25 year old beginning farmer. I own Blue Whistler Farm, a 5 acre farmstead, with my husband Josh, just 20 minutes north of downtown Durham, NC. On our farmstead we raise livestock on pasture, and provide meats such as lamb, pork, rabbit, egg layers, turkey, and broilers. We also have a garden, are growing an orchard, a vineyard and have honeybees.  I use the term "Farmstead" because while we do sell hundreds of pounds of meat every year,...

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